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Our business is very competitive when it comes to offering the best discounts on prescription medication.

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A new flat fee prescription program has been rolled out which may also help our customers receive their generic medications at a low monthly cost ($19.95 - individual; $29.95 family, including pets).


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Here's what RxChop Card Users  have to say:

My father picked up one of the Rx Chop cards at his Doctor's office. He used the card at his pharmacy and saved $191 on 3 prescriptions. He is 91 years old and is on a fixed income.  
— Heather From Michigan

I have a Bronze Health Plan with $5000 deductible.  My 3 monthly prescriptions cost over $500.  I used the Rx Chop card and saved over $320.   Wow, what a savings!  Everyone needs a Rx Chop card to save on their meds. Dave from Boca Grande, FL
— Dave from Boca Grande, FL

Thank You so much for this card.  I saved $75.95 on just one prescription.  I don't have insurance and this savings helped me so much.  People need to know that they can get help with this card.  I am going to tell everyone I know.  
Mary - Metarie, LA
— Mary Metarie, LA

Our dog was so sick.  We took her to the Vet and he said that to help her condition  she needed 3 prescriptions. The cost was over $300.  I couldn't afford that, No Way.  A lady where I work told me she had used the Pet Rx Chop card at the pharmacy and saved.  She let me use the card and I was able to get the 3 meds for my dog for just $48. 
— Kristie - Lynnwood, WA

I saved $45.64 on my prescription and can hardly believe this could happen.  
Thank You Rx Chop!
S. M - Davie, FL

I called Rx Chop and asked if they would send me some cards and they did.  I have been giving the cards to everybody where I live!
— S. M. - Davie, FL

I haven't been able to work since Covid hit, but I still need my meds.   Stimulus payments helped, but I don't have insurance.  I found the Rx Chop Card online and printed it.  I didn't think it would help, but I took it to the pharmacy and it helped me save $126 on my prescriptions.  I just don't think I could afforded my meds without this card!
— Ralph - Dallas,  TX

RxChop and Pet RxChop Cards are accepted at over 60,000 US Pharmacies

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